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Vacant Property Security services reduce the risks of leaving commercial and residential premises empty. In addition to the obvious threats of fire, theft and criminal damage, the value of property could be significantly reduced through environmental deterioration or illegal access by intruders.

Fly tipping or graffiti are immediate visual clues that a property is vacant and if utilities remain connected these can not only lead to damage but result in additional costs being incurred by the property owner.

How ExcluSec Security can help

With many years’ experience in vacant property security, we are able to provide a range of services to ensure your property is secure and less likely to attract crime, vandalism or unwanted visitors. Our professional services help to retain the property value, maintain insurance compliance and ensure that it remains attractive to prospective buyers or tenants.

Our services include:

Mobile security patrols
 Vacant property security inspections (to insurers standards)
Manned guarding and security dog handlers

 Key holding and alarm/CCTV response
 Perimeter signage and protection (including fencing and concrete barriers)
 Site clearance (including waste/rubbish removal, graffiti removal and abandoned vehicle collection)
 Fast, effective traveller/gypsy eviction

Void and Vacant Property Alarms

In addition, ExcluSec Security provides a range of vacant property alarms and rapid deployment CCTV systems, for use on construction sites, vacant buildings and void properties.

Our rapid deployment alarm solutions are tailored to our clients’ exact needs. They can quickly be deployed throughout the UK and from only £70 per week are a cost-effective deterrent for any site.

Our GuardAssist system videofied systems provide responsive security remotely and can be installed anywhere there is a mobile phone signal, with no need for power cables, phone lines or internet services. Once the system is armed, a status signal is transmitted every 8 minutes, and any activation of the integrated PIR detector will cause the control panel to contact the monitoring station and send a video file showing whatever triggered the alarm. The video is reviewed by the Control Room Operator who, will dispatch a Mobile Response Officer if required, or contact the client nominated key holders.

The cameras, sounders and keypad are all wireless, and the battery lasts up to 4 years, making this system ideal for protecting areas that need temporary event-triggered CCTV. Up to 23 wireless devices (including cameras and heat/smoke detectors) can be installed on a single control panel.

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