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Travellers illegally camped on your land can result in damage to your property, inconvenience to you and your neighbours, and expense for you to clean up any mess they leave behind and make any repairs. Our professional Gypsy & Traveller eviction services can help!

Under common law every landowner’s agent has the right to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if required. This right can be delegated to the landowners agent.

Our representatives can help by quickly moving them on, and in so doing reduce your costs and inconvenience. Common Law eviction is a fast, effective service, often in as little as 24 hours.

The speed of the response can help to lessen the amount of damage caused to land and buildings, as well as reduce the opportunity for theft from premises.

ExcluSec Security offers a guaranteed professional eviction service to clients throughout the UK.

Professional Traveller Eviction Services – Act FAST!

Acting fast to remove illegal occupiers can also help to reduce fly tipping and general waste left behind thus reducing potentially expensive clear up costs.  Once instructed, our representatives will:

Serve the appropriate notice to leave, giving the travellers/gypsies/trespassers instructions/directions to vacate your land immediately.
Return to site the following day and supervise the removal of vehicles and possessions, OR
Remain on site once the notice has been served and oversee the eviction.

In both cases, we will liaise with our clients throughout the eviction and take additional instructions regarding tow trucks and additional security measures.

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