The ExcluSec Group


ExcluSec Security deploys general purpose, drugs and explosive security dog handlers to meet your business requirements, whether protecting their handler from intruders, guarding premises, searching persons entering your building, or searching high-risk areas for hidden explosives.

Our committed security dog handlers can provide greater flexibility than two security officers, have a greater ability to detect and deter trespassers, and are a cost effective proven deterrent and protective measure.

Explosives and drug detection dogs are now being deployed extensively throughout the UK, where a cost-effective, flexible and highly reliable indicator of contraband is required.

ExcluSec can provide Security Dog Handlers trained in the following disciplines:

• General Purpose (GP)

• Proactive Drug Detection

• Passive Drug Detection

• Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)


We can deploy Security Dog Units for a range of assignments including:

Site Security

Venue Security and Protection

Football Stadia

Property and Asset Protection

Event Security and Crowd Management

Specialist Searches

Public Reassurance

Traveller Evictions

ExcluSec Security provides dog handlers for a variety of tasks throughout Greater Manchester, North West and the UK. Our dog handlers can be deployed as a single service or utilised in conjunction with our range of services.

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