Vacant Property Security

Concrete Barrier HireThe number of empty commercial and residential premises across the UK continues to rise. There are many potential risks associated with leaving premises unattended that need to be taken care of – We offer a range of Vacant Property Security Services to reduce these risks.

In addition to the obvious threats of fire, theft and criminal damage, the value of property could be affected significantly through environmental deterioration or if illegally accessed by intruders.

Fly tipping or graffiti are immediate visual clues that a property has fallen into disrepair and if utilities are left to run this can not only cause damage but also lead to further costs being incurred by the property owner – We appreciate that vacant properties remain a tax liability even through the properties are not generating an income!

With many years experience in securing void, empty and vacant properties effectively, ExcluSec are able to offer a range of services to ensure your property is secure and less likely to attract crime, vandalism and unwanted visitors – all factors that help retain the value and maintain insurance compliance.

We CAN help…

Vacant Property SecurityTo maintain the value of your vacant property and to ensure that it remains attractive to prospective buyers or tenants, ExcluSec can help by providing a range of professional vacant property services to keep your premises secure, including:

Vacant Property Security- Areas Covered:
Trafford, Manchester, Bury, Bolton, MediaCity UK, Oldham, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Wigan and Warrington.  In addition, we can deploy our services across the North West and UK.