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Fire is a potential hazard for any residential or commercial property. Landlords and local authorities have a legal obligation to oversee fire safety in any properties that they own or manage. Fires can devastate property and pose a mortal risk to occupants’ health. When it comes to fire safety, complacency isn’t an option.

What is Waking Watch?

The waking watch system involves having trained people patrolling all floors and areas of a property at all times, as well as the exterior perimeter. These patrols have total coverage of your premises and can identify a fire at the earliest opportunity. In conjunction with fire alarms, a waking watch provides the most reliable fire watch system you could ask for.

As well as looking out for active fires and signs of fires, our fire marshals will also be ready with an evacuation plan should they spot a fire. This plan enables them to evacuate the area as promptly and efficiently as possible, ensuring that safety is maximised and property damage limited.

Our Waking Watch Service

We provide walking watch services to landlords and local authorities. After you first contact us, we will conduct an initial assessment. This assessment will enable us to identify any existing safety issues and any hotspots where fires are more likely to breakout.

With this information in hand, we can then design a patrol plan covering the entire area and ensure the areas of most concern are regularly checked. You can never be too careful when it comes to fire prevention.

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