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Whether it’s used to secure a site, act as a deterrent or simply to give you peace of mind, CCTV can be a multi-functional tool in your security portfolio. It can, however, be costly to install and run as a permanent fixture. It may also only be a temporary need for you, your business or organisation. Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers can help fill that need for security without a permanent or ongoing cost burden.

Often able to be installed within minutes, rather than taking a team days to assemble a system, these Towers can act as an instant deterrent to criminals. As a temporary tower unit, if your security needs change then they can be disassembled quickly too.

From being a single tower or part of a network through to the differing camera and detector systems that can be attached to them, they can be as unique as you. The towers also have customisable graphics at the base of the tower which can help you advertise your product or service or help highlight to criminals that the site is being monitored.

Once you have decided on your requirements, our team will be able to advise you on the best steps forward. We will help review your system build, purchase and construct the system and deliver it to you. We can also offer a servicing and refurbishment facility for these systems too.

Why should I consider a CCTV tower?

As with any CCTV system, CCTV Towers also provide proactive protection to business assets and monitor your sites, giving you and your stakeholders confidence. CCTV Towers come with a two-way speaker system, so that the team at the central monitoring station can remotely challenge intruders or those acting suspiciously. Using the ‘Sentinel Plus’ Alarm Monitoring platform and the latest ‘Immix’ platform, our CCTV Towers are well supported.

Companies often use these towers as part of their security portfolio. Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers, coupled with mobile patrols, security dog handlers, or manned guarding, can give you a total security solution. They can even be deemed an environmentally-friendly measure, depending on the configuration of the tower, which will help meet your corporate social responsibility needs.

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