• What to do if Travellers Arrive on Your Property

    As a landowner, there is always the risk that an unauthorised encampment may suddenly appear on your private property. Traveller and gypsy families frequently make camp for a few days and can often have malicious intent to cause disruption. As the landowner, you have a legal right to attempt to evict them, but there are… (Continue reading)

  • Dispelling Some Myths About the Bodyguard

    You may be interested in hiring a bodyguard or a Close Protection Operative (CPO) for yourself or your family. There are many misconceptions about this particular job role and what it entails. Here are some of the common myths that many people presume to be true. Bodyguards are tough and ready to fight for you… (Continue reading)

  • The ExcluSec Group Celebrates Living Wage Recognition

    The ExcluSec Group is pleased to announce that it has become a Recognised Service Provider working alongside the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage commitment will see The ExcluSec Group offer a Living Wage option for each and every request for tender. This will mean that even more organisations can consider paying all of their… (Continue reading)

  • 3 Reasons Why You Might Need Personal Security

    With the steady rise of crime rates throughout the UK, it understandable that an increasing number of individuals are turning to personal security. Though this option was, until recently, only sought out by celebrities, famous athletes and politicians, there are many reasons why it may be as appealing to the general public. For example, many… (Continue reading)

  • Business Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

    It’s unfortunately the case that crime affects most businesses at some time or other, so it’s important to put adequate security solutions in place. This is particularly the case for businesses holding a good deal of valuable stock or equipment in locations such as construction sites. Manned Guarding is not always an affordable choice for… (Continue reading)

  • The ExcluSec Group Wins New Contract with EventCity

    Security, facilities and training services provider The ExcluSec Group has announced it is strengthening its relationship with EventCity, the North’s largest, fully flexible blank canvas exhibition and multi-purpose event venue owned by the Peel Group, a leading infrastructure, real estate and transport investment firm. ExcluSec was awarded the contract in July this year as part… (Continue reading)

  • 4 Reasons to Choose Manned Guarding

    There have been huge technological developments in the last 20 years that have made security much easier and cheaper for the average company. CCTV cameras and remote monitoring have allowed security companies to provide round the clock coverage, but there are many reasons why you should choose manned guarding over this option. The protection of… (Continue reading)

  • ExcluSec Add Poppies to Company Vehicles

    The ExcluSec Group are proud to announce that they have added poppy stickers to their fleet of vehicles, as the country prepares to mark one hundred years since the end of the First World War. The company’s Group Managing Director, James Bancroft, said: ‘We are proud to display these poppies to show our support for… (Continue reading)

  • Constructing a Security Onion

    When designing the security for your assets, you should build up a system of interlocking and overlapping layers to ensure that compromise is difficult enough to make thieves, hackers and trouble head elsewhere in pursuit of an easier score. Let’s imagine a critical asset, a server or a set of files… maybe even diamonds, and… (Continue reading)

  • Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2018 – Finalists Announced

    The finalists for this year’s Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2018 have been published, and The ExcluSec Group is delighted to announce that they have been nominated in two categories. They have been nominated for the categories of ACS Champion of the Year and Security Guarding Company of the Year Under £25M Turnover. Michelle Khan,… (Continue reading)