COVID-19 Temperature / Fever Screening

COVID-19 Temperature Screening

One of the common symptoms of COVID-19 is a fever, so temperature screening technology can be useful in identifying people who may have the illness.  This can be particularly important for organisations with a large number of visitors or employees, in helping to maintain everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

We are using no touch thermometers and thermal imaging technology to minimise person-to-person contact. All individuals are tested prior to entering the building to detect potential risks, so they can be dealt with before the individual potentially spreads an illness in the workplace.

Scanning everyone’s temperature helps to reassure the workforce that enhanced safeguards are being utilised to reduce the risk of virus transmission. It also helps to reduce the possibility of the building having to be closed due to a confirmed COVID-19 case, with the accompanying business downtime and loss of revenue.

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Areas Covered:
Trafford, Manchester, Bury, Bolton, MediaCity UK, Oldham, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Wigan and Warrington. In addition, we can deploy our services across the North West.