Service(s) Provided: Door Supervision

Heaton House FarmIn 2013, ExcluSec Security Solutions started working with Heaton House Farm on their TripleFest event in Staffordshire.

The action-packed weekend, which featured various activities, live music and a family fun day, saw ExcluSec provide ticketing staff, stewards and door supervisors for the event. The events were a massive success, so much so, that ExcluSec continued to work with Heaton House Farm on the subsequent TripleFest events.

Three years on from their initial contact, ExcluSec now provide door supervisors for Heaton House Farm every weekend, on all the events and weddings.

“We have been working with Sarah and the team at Heaton House for a number of years – they are professional company and a stunning wedding venue” said ExcluSec Managing Director James Bancroft.

“They key thing for is to understand Heaton House’s requirements and become an integral part of their team. It isn’t simply us working with them, we are extremely focused in making sure that we are one unit, working together, to make sure that their clients or customers have a day that they will never forget” added Bancroft.

The regular door supervisors sent to Heaton House Farm are first aid trained professionals, with exceptional customer service skills, allowing the staff at Heaton House Farm to focus on their clients and not worry about any potential emergencies that happen on site, either during the event or through the night.

This was the case on Friday 13th November 2015, when a gentleman who was staying over at the accommodation fell over in the night, which resulted in a head injury with external bleeding. An ambulance was called to attend the incident and first aid was administered. With the ExcluSec member of staff on site throughout the night, the situation was resolved quickly and efficiently alongside paramedics and the gentleman went on to make a full recovery.

“I was a bit dubious about having security on our events at the start, but I soon realised that ExcluSec were very different from the other companies out there” said Sarah Heath, Marketing and Business Development Co-ordinator at Heaton House Farm.

“ExcluSec Security squashes the typical stereotype of ‘Bouncers’. Their ‘Door Supervisors’ are presentable, punctual, polite and professional. With regular visits from management along with feedback forms and emails, their continual strive for perfection is refreshing. We look forward to a long and happy working relationship with ExcluSec”

If you would like any more information about our Door Supervision and/our Event Stewarding Services, please call us on 0333 344 3991.