• Spinning Gate Shopping Centre Announces Dual Services Partner

    Spinning Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh have announced the appointment of new dual services provider: The ExcluSec Group, based in the North West. The Exclusec Group were awarded the dual services provision for a 3 year term at Spinning Gate Shopping Centre following their successful 12 month security contract at the centre in 2018. Spinning… (Continue reading)

  • ExcluSec Increases SIA ACS Score

    After two days of audits, we are delighted to announce that we have we retained our NSI Guarding Gold and SIA Approved Contractor Status (ACS) and have increased our score. Approved contractors, like ExcluSec currently assess their performance against 87 indicators of achievement. The overall ‘pass mark’ is zero and the maximum overall score that can be achieved is… (Continue reading)

  • Why outsourcing event security is a wise option

    Proper security provisions is a cornerstone of safe and successful events. With so much time, planning, and effort going into every event, you want to make sure it goes off without a hitch. A continually popular and responsible option is to outsource event security – what are the benefits you can expect from doing that?… (Continue reading)

  • How additional training can benefit your business security

    When people think of a security officer, they might immediately envision a ‘bouncer’ at a nightclub dealing with rowdy guests. While this is certainly a valid need, there are actually a wide range of professional companies that require security services on a permanent or ad hoc basis. When you’re hiring security personnel, it’s crucial to… (Continue reading)

  • Key Holding: What is it and should you outsource it?

    Although most businesses have heard of a key holder, or key holding responsibilities, confusion can often arise as to what a key holder is, when you should have one and whether they need to be members of staff. The key holder role, at its most basic, involves entrusting a responsible person with a set of… (Continue reading)

  • What to do if Travellers Arrive on Your Property

    As a landowner, there is always the risk that an unauthorised encampment may suddenly appear on your private property. Traveller and gypsy families frequently make camp for a few days and can often have malicious intent to cause disruption. As the landowner, you have a legal right to attempt to evict them, but there are… (Continue reading)

  • Dispelling Some Myths About the Bodyguard

    You may be interested in hiring a bodyguard or a Close Protection Operative (CPO) for yourself or your family. There are many misconceptions about this particular job role and what it entails. Here are some of the common myths that many people presume to be true. Bodyguards are tough and ready to fight for you… (Continue reading)

  • The ExcluSec Group Celebrates Living Wage Recognition

    The ExcluSec Group is pleased to announce that it has become a Recognised Service Provider working alongside the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage commitment will see The ExcluSec Group offer a Living Wage option for each and every request for tender. This will mean that even more organisations can consider paying all of their… (Continue reading)