• Our Tips for Preventing False Alarms in Your Home Security

    If you have an alarm for your home security, you will want one that it serves its purpose and won’t cause you any trouble. However, whether you like it or not, chances are you and your whole neighbourhood might be a victim of false alarm. For one, false alarms can disturb your peace, startle your… (Continue reading)

  • Event security and the best way to manage risk

    The chances are you are already aware of the general types of risks associated with event security. Global news bombards us with stories about crush injuries, terrorist activities, venue problems, weather disasters and accidents. However, it is one thing knowing that security threats can occur and another thing entirely having to plan for them. Here… (Continue reading)

  • How to choose a good security company

    When you’re running a business or hosting an event, you want the very best protection for it, which means you need to choose a good security company. Not sure how? Do the following so you can steer clear of bad companies and find the right one for you: Check for licenses and accreditations Individuals working… (Continue reading)

  • 3 benefits of first aid training for your business

    Any business owner in the UK must make the safety of their staff and also members of the public on-site their number one priority. Among the many things you could do here, from keeping premises free of trip hazards to making sure no-one operates dangerous machinery without the right knowledge, first aid training is essential…. (Continue reading)

  • Spotlight falls on security firm that usually blends in!

    A North West company that prides itself on providing discrete and unobtrusive security and cleaning services, is to step firmly in the limelight! Privately owned The ExcluSec Group (which has offices in Bolton, Manchester and Warrington) is happy to be noticed on this occasion, as it has been shortlisted for four different categories in the… (Continue reading)

  • How to add resilience to your site security on a budget

    While many small-medium businesses consider security to be an important factor, costs and time factors mean that some are happy to go without a dedicated security budget or full-time security manager. However, this doesn’t mean having to completely forego security measures altogether. Introducing mobile security patrols Mobile security patrols are a cost-effective way to protect… (Continue reading)

  • 3 of the key benefits manned guarding has to offer

    Technology continues to play a greater and greater role in the security industry. CCTV, automation, and remote monitoring now form a large portion of many organisations’ security efforts. Despite their usefulness, however, they still have their limitations. Manned guarding still has much to offer, and provides many key benefits when used in conjunction with high-tech… (Continue reading)

  • Spinning Gate Shopping Centre Announces Dual Services Partner

    Spinning Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh have announced the appointment of new dual services provider: The ExcluSec Group, based in the North West. The Exclusec Group were awarded the dual services provision for a 3 year term at Spinning Gate Shopping Centre following their successful 12 month security contract at the centre in 2018. Spinning… (Continue reading)

  • ExcluSec Increases SIA ACS Score

    After two days of audits, we are delighted to announce that we have we retained our NSI Guarding Gold and SIA Approved Contractor Status (ACS) and have increased our score. Approved contractors, like ExcluSec currently assess their performance against 87 indicators of achievement. The overall ‘pass mark’ is zero and the maximum overall score that can be achieved is… (Continue reading)