How to choose a good security company

When you’re running a business or hosting an event, you want the very best protection for it, which means you need to choose a good security company.

Not sure how? Do the following so you can steer clear of bad companies and find the right one for you:

Check for licenses and accreditations

Individuals working in private security will hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence, which confirms they have the professional training and qualifications to do the job correctly. This includes individuals who offer door supervision, close protection or operate as security guards. The licensing body also runs a voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme for security service providers.

Check if the company holds these licences or has taken part in the scheme. If they don’t tick one of these boxes, it would be advisable not to hire them. They might not have adequate training to deal with security situations appropriately.

Confirm their availability

Security is a serious business. Trouble can occur at any time, so a good security company should be able to respond around the clock. They must be able to adapt to any changes in your security needs quickly. If you give them a call and everyone appears to have gone home for the day, that’s a bad sign.

Consider their reputation

Some companies specialise in event security, some provide manned guards, others offer a variety of services. Look for reviews online and see if they have a good reputation in their line(s) of expertise. You can also ask the company itself directly for references. They’ll be only too happy to point you in the direction of happy customers, so follow them up.

Evaluate their customer service

You want a company that cares about you. Will they communicate regularly or will you hardly hear from them? If they feel distant or show no real interest in how they’re working with you — do they ask for feedback, for instance? — you might prefer a company that has a warmer style of customer care.

At ExcluSec Security, we’re professional and reliable and passionate about offering you the very best customer care and security services. Contact us for information on how can help you.

Photo: Watchman // Montserrat by _bianconero licensed under Creative Commons 4.0