Helping Your Business Make Better First Impressions With Cleaning Inspections

Out of all the different pieces of advice that you may have heard, one of the most valuable ones to remember is “first impressions last.” It may be a common concept that has been around for decades, but the importance of making a good first impression is an essential business practice. In fact, it has been what won over clients for millions of companies and professionals.

From freebies to impactful client presentations, there is an assortment of ways for a business to make a good first impression on clients and partners. However, nothing makes a better impression than a spotless facility. Every business only has seven seconds on average to make a good impression on clients before they develop an opinion. While it may seem intimidating to think about at first, there’s no need to worry because a clean facility or office can make the necessary introductions for you.

When the topic of cleaning comes to mind, most people think about the task as menial and one that can be handled by themselves. The truth, however, is that the services of a professional cleaning company are more of an investment than an expense. With a regular cleaning inspection in place, it will be much easier to streamline the process of performing the necessary cleaning tasks to keep your office or facility spotless.

Why you should have regular cleaning inspections

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should be scheduling regular cleaning inspections at your facility or office:

1. Regular cleaning inspections can help set expectations

When you have regular cleaning inspections, it will be easier to align expectations with your cleaning crew. Regular cleaning inspections will lay out the necessary groundwork for cleaning staff members to take care of, making for an effective and thorough cleaning process. Additionally, regular cleaning inspections allow you to explain what you need your cleaning staff to do and how often they should do their it.

2. Regular cleaning inspections make it easier to communicate for improvement

By conducting cleaning inspections on a regular basis, it will be much easier to help a contract cleaner find out how, when, and where they should improve cleaning processes. Most contract cleaning firms place a priority on communication, so it will be in your best interest to capitalize on discussing what went well and what could be better.

3. Regular cleaning inspections can help improve your business or facility’s cleanliness

Out of all the different reasons why you should have regular cleaning inspections, the guarantee of a cleaner facility should outweigh all else. With regular cleaning inspections in place, good cleaning habits can be fostered, leading to a cleaner office or facility with every visit.

Putting a cleaning inspection checklist together

A thorough and detailed checklist is the backbone of every successful cleaning inspection, especially because it can help instil practices that will keep a facility or office clean. If you don’t know what to put in your cleaning inspection checklist, here are a few suggestions:

  • Carpets should be vacuumed and free of stains
  • Hard floors should be swept and mopped
  • Garbage should be thrown out and clean liners put in
  • Desks, file cabinets, tables, and other hard surfaces should be free of dust
  • Ceilings should be free of cobwebs
  • Walls should be free of dirt and scuff marks

How often should you have your regular cleaning inspections?

The term “regular” is subjective and open to interpretation, which can understandably lead to a bit of confusion. To start off, regular cleaning inspections should be done at least once a week as this will help everybody involved become familiar with the routine. After your cleaning routine has been maintained for quite some time, however, you can drop the frequency of inspections down to once or twice a month.

Regular cleaning inspections are the secret to having a clean facility or office space that can make all the right first impressions. By following this quick guide on setting up a regular cleaning inspection for your office space or facility, you can keep cleanliness under control without having to panic at the last minute.

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