COVID-19 Preparing for the Return

COVID-19 Preparing for the Return

As thoughts move to the return to the workplace for many, at The ExcluSec Group we are preparing to support our customer’s activities. There will be many changes to the way that we work, designed to help everyone keep safe, and almost as importantly, to ensure that they feel safe.

Here are some changes that you may want to consider.

Enhanced Cleaning Regime

COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, which is highly contagious and is transmitted when infected people cough or sneeze.

The virus particles can be transferred between people in the air, but are also known to survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, where they can be transferred onto numerous people’s hands. Hand and surface disinfection is therefore an important part of restart planning.

With many buildings having been closed since mid-March we recommend a risk assessment of building use in the lockdown period is carried out, to guide pre-restart cleaning in preparation for re-occupancy. Where there any concerns, we recommend that a deep clean is carried out using an appropriate disinfectant, certainly to high touch point and high traffic areas.

On re-occupancy, we recommend an enhanced cleaning regime with regular daily office cleaning, specifically focusing on high touch point areas such as hand rails, door handles, lift buttons, light switches, shared IT equipment and washrooms. 

We suggest also that Hand Sanitiser stations are placed at key locations, including entrances and exits, and that these are regularly refilled as demand is likely to be high.

Lock and Unlock Services

Most businesses do not operate on a 24 hour basis, so someone needs to open the building first thing in the morning and lock it back up at the end of the working day.

ExcluSec Security are able to provide this service, to reduce the need for an employee to have contact with keys, locks and doors, as well as ensuring that your business is always safe.

Temperature Screening

Organisations with a large number of visitors or employees may need to utilise temperature monitoring technology to maintain the wellbeing of employees, visitors and customers.

We are using no touch thermometers and thermal imaging technology to help with the detection of potential COVID-19 cases, via point of entry temperature detection for all individuals. This helps to detect potential risks, so they can be dealt with before the individual enters the building and potentially spreads an illness.

Scanning everyone’s temperature helps to provide peace of mind to the workforce that enhanced safeguards are being employed to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

It also help to reduce the possibility of the building having to be closed, with accompanying business downtime and loss of revenue.

As government advice and guidance increase, we will be looking to increase the support that we can provide.

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