6 Steps to Fortify Your Outdoor Events Security

Outdoor events like concerts or sporting championships emanate a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, security personnel can rarely join in the fun until everyone has left the premises. They must ensure everyone’s safety and deal with people who like to disrupt order. It’s no wonder that the planning to maintain peace in such events is always such a nightmare!

Despite the challenges, there are ways to safeguard the space so that everyone can have a fantastic time. That said, executing this strategy involves extensive planning and contingencies for a possible crisis. Here are the steps to establishing a flawless security plan regardless of the type of event:

Step 1: Establish a perimeter

Ease of access is the foremost problem for an outdoor event. That being said, the boundaries of the event area must be defined and monitored by security staff. The fences have to be secure enough not to be toppled by a raucous crowd. That said, a set-up that rivals Fort Knox may be over the top. Fortified fences that are manned by guards at all times will suffice.

Step 2: Conduct a security briefing

This step cannot be taken for granted whether you are guarding a small or big site. Hours before the gates open, meet all security personnel and make them fully aware of the event’s layout. Point to them the emergency exits so that they can orderly direct the crowd to head that way. They must also know the checkpoints in the venue, especially when it comes to larger events. It’s important to indicate where the first aid area is because the time may come when it will be needed.

Step 3: Prepare contingency plans for any issue

Guaranteeing the safety of the massive crowd is beyond question. While being adept in preventing major security risks is top of the order, the team must also be prepared in handling minor security problems like children who may be lost or missing items. Security teams must have the capacity to resolve these concerns efficiently.

Step 4: Be hospitable to attendees

You don’t have to be rude while providing high-quality security. Instead, make them feel welcome by being approachable. Find the balance between being a staunch authority and an accommodating personnel that can be asked for assistance. You must be able to handle troublemakers with the right attitude as well. Keeping the type of audience in mind will help you select the best security personnel for the event.

Step 5: Establish a medical assistance area

A rowdy crowd can ignite an untoward incident which leads to injuries. If you are invested in keeping attendees safe, then having a medical team in place is a no-brainer. Have these individuals treat the wounds and cuts that the injured parties attained. They must prepare beds and medicine for people who may feel dizzy due to the huge crowd. Meanwhile, a medically trained individual at smaller events will do the trick.

Step 6: Prepare more than one plan

Changes and concerns are still possible on the day of the event. Therefore, your team must be flexible to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Implement back-up plans when the original plan backfires to avoid event cancellation. At least you are prepared whether it happens or not. After all, your mission is to stay on top of the situation no matter how chaotic it may be.

Free merchandise and great memories are the only things that the attendees must take home from an outdoor event. Anything beyond that can be considered a blunder on the part of security. Make sure that this won’t happen by preparing long before the event day. When the festivities end, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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