5 Benefits Of Switching From Night to Day Cleaning

Do you have your offices cleaned only during the night? Why not consider doing it during the day instead?

Sure, you may think that it is the exact opposite of night cleaning, but not quite. Although your cleaners will clean during daylight hours instead, you can gain benefits culturally, environmentally, and even financially! Do you find it hard to believe?

Here are five benefits you will receive if you change from night to day cleaning:

1 – Lowering Operating Cost

According to research, the lights turned for late-night cleaning work makes up almost 25 percent of your business’ weekly use of lights. In total, it can go up to 7 percent of energy use. Although energy use is one thing, there are other factors in turning off the lights at night. It the work is done at night, the lifespan of the light bulbs reduces, the elevator is in use, HVAC and security systems are all running. Your business will end up having to pay for more maintenance and using up energy-related consumables much quicker.

2 – Reducing Carbon Footprint

In addition to the cost saved, day cleaning can help contribute up to 8 percent of energy savings, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint. For this exact reason, day cleaning is becoming more popular and is tied to a company’s corporate responsibility and factored into an environmental management strategy.

It’s not only about energy. When cleaning during the day, more care is given to the product being used. The choice of cleaning products tends to be more human-friendly, allowing workers to breathe good air and maintain health. This can be the break to give cleaners a way to clean without having to wear masks all the time.

3 – Improve Security

After business hours, security concerns heighten. Cleaners at night face higher risks while working and driving back home in the dark. Day cleaning allows them to be alongside the employees of your company. On top of that, the building is more secure when people aren’t entering and exiting after work hours.

4 – Instill Respect for Office Space

When your employees can see the process of workspaces being cleaned, they are more confident in the building’s general cleanliness. Also, many employees like to get to know the janitorial staff. Employees tend to become more respectful towards the building and their personal workspace. When employees personally know the cleaners, they become a little more mindful at keeping the place clean.

Although it may all seem like everyone would enjoy day cleaning, that’s not the truth. Some people are against day cleaning for the fact that it can interrupt the workflow and increase hazards. However, this can easily be solved by creating a proper schedule of cleaning times. Your employee’s safety doesn’t have to be compromised for the sake of day cleaning.

5 – Minimises Cleaner Turnover

Employee turnover is a problem for many businesses, and this is also an issue for the janitorial side. Night work feels less appreciated and usually conflict with the cleaner’s personal life. However, day cleaning means that the janitor has a full-time job and allows them to spend time with their families in the evening. The happier your workers are, the lower the turnover. The lower the turnover, the more stable your cleaning services will be as well. When this happens, you save resources spent on hiring new cleaners.

With these advantages, it is hard to imagine that you wouldn’t want to switch from night cleaning to day cleaning. Do your business and cleaners a favour and implement day cleaning!

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