3 of the key benefits manned guarding has to offer

Technology continues to play a greater and greater role in the security industry. CCTV, automation, and remote monitoring now form a large portion of many organisations’ security efforts. Despite their usefulness, however, they still have their limitations.

Manned guarding still has much to offer, and provides many key benefits when used in conjunction with high-tech security.

Here are three.

A safer overall environment

In tense and difficult situations, remote monitoring can only alert you that something is wrong and possibly record what goes on. It can’t actually do anything to stop the emerging threat, other than contact the authorities.

With manned guarding you always have a permanent physical presence on hand to de-escalate any difficult situations before they get out of control. Highly trained security professionals can ensure employees and customers are kept safe at all times while the situation is dealt with.

Loss prevention

A CCTV camera and alarm system is a powerful deterrent to thieves. Many systems, however, are too subtle to be easily noticed. As a cost-saving measure, many organisations choose dummy systems, leading thieves to try their luck even if they do see the system.

There is no better deterrent than a visible, physical security detail regularly patrolling your premises. Not only does this give a very clear signal of the strength of your security, but a manned guard service can ensure areas are checked that CCTV might often miss. Loss prevention is infinitely preferable to loss management.

Complete responsiveness

Digital security systems are excellent, but they are somewhat limited in their scope. They can only, for example, detect movement and record footage. If you’re looking for true security, the human touch still offers an edge.

The reason is that a manned guard can easily detect other security dangers that might go unnoticed by CCTV. A gas leak, for example, or weather damage occurring. You can be notified of these things immediately, whereas a CCTV and alarm system would not even register they’d happened.

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Photo: Security by protohiro licensed under Creative Commons 4.0